offbeat photography

Benjamin Reed Photography

At Offbeat, my primary focus is to take photographs that are unique and quirky, and even far-out or totally unconventional, in other words, offbeat.

Generally, I'm looking for families that aren't interested in the average mall portrait. If you think a photograph of your family, in hip waders, up to your waist in the lake would be cool, email me.

I'm looking for fiancés that want something other than the "holding hands in the park" or "hugging in the studio" photographs. If you think a great engagement photo would be one in the kitchen mocking the traditional husband and wife stereotypes, email me.

  • Do you want photos of your bird dogs in action? Email me.
  • Do you want photos of your children being themselves? Email me.
  • Do your teens want photos that stand out from their friend's? Email me.
  • Do you want your business or home photographed? Email me.
  • Do you want your wedding album to stand out from the rest? Email me.

Portrait, Family, Senior, Children and Infant, Special Events, Weddings, Receptions, and Birthday Parties, Sports, Wildlife, Businesses, Restaurants, Products.